Avondale only writes business with appointed Wholesale brokers

Wholesale only is the foundation of Avondale's business model. Working with wholesalers is part of our DNA.

The concept of reducing expenses in the distribution chain through cutting out intermediaries has been a recurring theme in recent years. This has led to many companies adopting a broad marketing strategy, targeting business from retail agents or even marketing direct. The intended benefit is to attract more business flow and to reduce distribution cost.

We believe in a different approach: Successful wholesale businesses have grown exponentially in the same time frame, improving their ability to aggregate huge volumes of business and market match with the best insurance solution providers for their retail customers. During periods of prolonged market softening, it's the wholesale community that has best managed declining margins and continued to grow profitably.

Avondale believes the entrepreneurs at the helm of wholesale businesses will continue to drive innovation and cost efficiency in the business.

Our commitment to the wholesale community is not only a reflection of our years of experience working in this market, but also in our fundamental belief that the wholesale business will continue to grow successfully and adapt, regardless of how the broader industry evolves.

Avondale's business model is underpinned by trust – when dealing with Avondale, our wholesale partners know we will clear every account, and that they are dealing with a company that has no interest in trying to access their business through any other distribution source.

We are privately held, independent and free of competing or conflicting interests. This allows us to provide a safe harbor for our valued wholesale clients' business.

Over the ten years Avondale has been in business we have been truly supported by our producers. We are independent and privately held which allows us the flexibility to adapt to the ever-changing market and to put our producers first. We are always looking at ways to expand our capabilities so we can offer more product or service to our wholesale partners.- John Argos,
CUO Property
We have an uncomplicated business model: we are 100% Wholesale and strive to be the market of choice for our producers by providing excellent submission turnaround. We quote a huge flow of business and expect our quotes to help our producers secure binders. I love the relationship with my clients and Avondale's focus and capabilities make it all possible.- Broderick Whitaker,
EVP Underwriting
Our wholesale producers are our clients. Our success is built upon the relationships we have developed with our key producers along with expanding our products to better serve them. We are always looking to provide quality service and innovative thinking to assist our clients in binding business.- Donna Howe,
SVP Underwriting
Avondale Casualty is in it’s 7th year of continued profitable growth in large part due to our wholesale partners. We will continue to expand our product offerings and service the needs of our clients in the most efficient way possible. We pride ourselves on being problem solvers; we want to be a wholesaler’s first call and their last call.- Blake Kinsler,
EVP Casualty