Recent Bound Risks for Premises

Avondale has the capacity to write a diverse range of exposures. The following is a representative cross-section of average “in force” accounts.

Type of Business Premium State
Apartment schedule 15,000 IN
Apartment schedule 51,500 NC
Apartment schedule 80,134 TX
Condo schedule 31,300 CT
Condo schedule 15,000 MA
Condo schedule 15,000 PA
LRO commercial building owner 40,000 MO
LRO commercial building owner 51,500 NJ
LRO commercial building owner 73,500 NY
Health club 24,000 PA
Airport parking lot owner 20,000 NJ
Vacant land 20,000 NY
Clinic, excluding patient injury 19,000 CT
Trucking company 15,450 TX
Hotel 15,000 CO
Pizza shop 15,000 MA
Restaurant 20,000 NY