Earning trust - delivering value

Avondale is privately held, independent and free of third-party debt, giving us the ability to make unconditional commitments to our wholesale-partner clients, our risk-capital partners, our employees and our owners. Without the pressure of short-term earnings targets, we are able to make decisions that are in the best long-term interest of our constituents.

Our risk capital partners provide our team with tremendous underwriting flexibility and billions of dollars of modeled catastrophe aggregate. The level of authority in our hands is unusual and we take our responsibility to delivering a well-managed and well underwritten portfolio very seriously. Avondale became part of the Avoca Group in January 2009 and since that time our partners have looked to increase their support for us every year. This has allowed us steadily to expand the capabilities we can offer our clients.

For our clients, we are singularly committed to providing world-class security and require minimum security ratings of our risk capital partners, which excludes all but the highest rated insurers from our panel. We are focused not simply on ability to pay, but also on willingness to pay and strongly believe that syndicating capacity is prudent when transferring significant limit/event exposures. Most importantly, we are focused on providing stability and continuity across market cycles. We will never be a "hot" market, but we will be there when our clients need us most.

Thank you for your support of Avondale.

Our daily objective is to continue to build on the trust of our clients and risk capital providers while ensuring we deliver superior value. Our philosophy is simple: We deliver value by putting the interest of our clients and markets first.- Andrew Carvill - Group CEO